HopOver Nearby Messenger – Connect with People in Real Life

HopOver lets you share your location, see what friends are doing, and create meetups. I focused primarily on user research, conducted usability testing, and designed user flows. Aimed at teens and young adults, HopOver allows you to share your current location by posting a 'hop.' Friends can then message you and arrange to meet you, and there are stickers and a tagging feature.

The map technology, POI database, and ability to make functionality were already built on the backend, but lacked an interface.


In March of 2014, the CEO of TeleNav asked the UX/Design team to design an app for his daughter, a college student. She wanted the ability to broadcast her availability to her friends nearby, and find out what was nearby her.


While working on the interaction design, I conducted multiple user interviews to inform the teams design decisions. My research showed that users were excited about product, and the ability to know who and what was nearby. They also shared the same concern: “I only want my friends to see me and I want to control when they can see me.”

My competitive analysis revealed that all successful social apps have a key feature in common: the ability to find and communicate with your friends. I paired with another interaction designer to design the ‘add friends’ flow.  

These are the first sketches of HopOver UI depicting how a chat function would work in HopOver. 


My contributions as the Interaction Designer Lead resulted in a successful media and PR launch, three college campuses launches, and the product team was awarded a UI patent.

Download HopOver Nearby Messenger.