Eaze: The Uber For Pot Delivery

Eaze connects verified patients in California to local medical marijuana dispensaries. The company raised $10 million in Series A funding from investors like Snoop Dogg on the promise it would become the 'Uber for pot.' In 2015, Eaze launched EazeMD in attempt to revolutionize the medical marijuana industry through convenience. EazeMD is Eaze's experiment with combining on-demand cannabis with on-demand doctors notes.


  • Update the email marketing campaign to reflect a refreshed visual direction
  • Provide scaleable assets to aid marketing managers in easily creating branded newsletters and emails

Establishing digital styles and standards

I worked with the Eaze marketing team to get a better understanding on their current customers demographic and the company's efforts to deepen their engagement and relationship with their customers after the point of sale.

I designed a responsive 2-column grid for desktop and mobile. The grid is made up of 3 image blocks and corresponding text boxes and a prominent singular CTA.

Improving workflows

To increase the team’s efficiency, and improve communication between design and marketing, I built a sketch template and explained marketing managers how to use it.

Targeting a broader audience

In addition to designing an marketing email template optimized for Mailchimp/HTML in Sketch, I introduced a new illustration style that reflect the brand’s light and breezy look and feel to amplify the reach to a broader audience.