I'm Melanie – but I think you may already know this. 

I'm fascinated by people and excited by tech's abilities to solve problems and transform the way we live. I joined my first startup, NeuroFocus, in 2010, (later acquired by Nielsen) where I worked as a Design Researcher for a little over 3 years collecting consumer insights for Facebook, Yahoo and others to inform their marketing and design decisions. During that period, I led over 100 client studies in both international and local markets while observing why designs failed and succeeded.

Fast forward four years later...

I'm currently a Product Designer at Doctor On Demand in San Francisco, and am passionate about mission driven companies in the personal care, health and education spaces.

I've had the pleasure to work, collaborate and learn from some amazing design leaders, teams, and companies, like John Maeda, eeroHonor, CODE2040, Telenav and more. When I'm not designing, you can find me working on my side project Front & Center where I mentor design students and advocate for inclusion in tech.

You may have seen me in Helena Price's Techies Project discussing the tech debt that exist in communities of color, and heard me on Design Details discussing self-awareness, inclusion and the struggles of making it in Silicon Valley as a designer and a black woman. Or, you may have watched my TechCrunch interview with Alex Wilhelm on Designing Diversity. Whatever brought you here, I'm happy you dropped by. 

But enough about me, how have you been?